Steve Schoonmaker
Pronunciation: \ˈskoon-ˌmā-kər\

Pronunciation: \ˈrān-ˌmā-kər\
1 : a person who brings in new business
2 : a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success
rain·mak·ing \-ˌmā-ˈkiŋ\ noun

Are you looking for ways to stimulate sales growth?

I’ve helped large and small organizations grow their business by a minimum of 8-40% over the previous year by turning company vision into new sales opportunities.

One of my greatest strengths is inspiring people by bringing new ideas and proven business development methods to sales teams who are eager to make more sales. As a result, we:

  • Quickly determine new actions and the best way to execute
  • Improve sales and marketing productivity
  • Increase sales revenue

We can turn your company vision into new sales opportunities by ensuring three success factors are consistently included in your growth plans:

  • Select the right companies and contacts in top industries
  • Deliver compelling value propositions and killer offers at the right time
  • Follow through… to follow through is to win!

The management system guiding this approach includes:

  • Integrating best practices
  • Executing based on the three elements of trust
  • Ongoing performance management

     …the strategic theme at work: “What if?” Select. Take action.

If you are looking for someone who strives for excellence and seeks to draw out the best in people, call when you are free and let’s explore how I can help you.